The CEO of Twitter Jack seems to be interested in buying WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram after it suddenly went down yesterday asking how much it’s going for.

Jack shaded Mark yesterday after WhatsApp responded to his tweet when it suddenly shut down yesterday saying he thought it was supposed to be encrypted as it wasn’t supposed to go down just like that if it was indeed encrypted as they claim.

Reacting to another post saying the domain for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are available, Jack asked how much it’s going for as it seems he’s interested in becoming the owner of all these social media platforms.

The sudden shutdown has made us realized that it’s not good for one person to control all these social media platforms as when one goes down, the rest go down as well affecting a lot of things but yet Jack seems interested in buying it.

It might also be that he’s just trying to catch cruise with the whole thing just like he shaded WhatsApp when they replied to his tweet asking them he thought the App was supposed to be encrypted wondering why it suddenly went down if it was indeed encrypted.

Almost everyone run to Twitter yesterday when Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook went down and they were able to hold the pressure until it came back hence would it be bad if Jack was to control all these social media platforms?

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