See What A Guy Said To Facebook User For Insulting Lady Seeking For A Housemaid Job(Photos).

Facebook is suppose to be a place of fun and good tidings, but nowadays… It is anything but fun for people.

Yesterday a lady posted on a Facebook group asking to be anyone’s Housemaid. She even stated that she didn’t need pay just that you feed her which most likely means her situation was dire. But the surprising thing was that a lot of people actually thought that she was joking until one Facebook told her “You are even looking like poverty”.

This statement seemed to have gotten on one Facebook Users mind and he went all in with curses and swears. The funny thing is that the so Called guy who insulted a lady who was just asking for help didn’t think to apologize or make a u-turn on his statement but went on throwing back insults after insults.

Full photo below:

I think a lot of people have be weary of how they talk on social media. This lady might sure well be joking, but what if she isn’t? I mean, we know the situation of Nigeria… What if she’s just seeking a means to survive and is only met with people taking her for a joke. We need to pay more attention to people’s feelings even if it is on social media, because one action can either lead to that persons survival or death.