A little girl in primary school girl has been allegedly defiled by a police officer.

This little girl who is reportedly in class five was defiled by this 42-year-old police officer identified as Sergeant Emmanuel Duah.

The incident happened in the Volta Region and the girl is said to be a pupil of Ave Xevi Roman Catholic (R/C) Primary School in the Akatsi North District of the Volta Region.

The 13-year-old girl was sent to a yet-to-be commissioned newly-built police station at Ave-Xevi by the police officer who sexually assaulted her twice.

A report by DGN Online stated that the incident occurred on September 29, 2021, at about 9 am, and it happened when the victim who resides near the police barrier was asked by her mother to fetch water for the household around the barrier.

Upon seeing the victim, this police officer got ‘aroused’ and asked the girl to buy sachet water for him and upon her return from the errand, the police officer took the opportunity to defile her.

After doing what he wanted, he also locked up the victim in his room and threatened her and after several hours, he returned after some few hours and pounced on the victim again.

Due to the fact that her daughter had kept long, the mother of the victim decided to search for her, and on her way, she met the suspect on her way and asked him whether he had seen her, however, he replied in the negative.

Upon sensing danger, the suspect then acted swiftly by rushing to the scene to free the girl to go home. The way the girl was walking raised concerns and a complaint was lodged at the Ave Dakpa Police Station.

A medical report form was issued to the victim to attend hospital at any Government Hospital for examination and treatment and the medic who examined the girl stated that the hymen of the victim was broken.

The suspect was then picked up with investigations ongoing.