Popular Instagram Dancer Jane Mena has appreciated her husband Mr. Piles for being with her through all this drama with Tonto Dikeh and Kpokpogri saying she now knows the meaning of for better for worse.

Jane Mena after being called out for sleeping with Prince Kpokpogri as a married woman came out to deny such allegations but through it, all her husband was with her supporting her offline without saying a word or doing anything to disgrace her.

Now that the whole issue seems to be dying off, Jane Mena has taken to social media to appreciate her husband thanking him for loving her with all her flaws and showing her the true meaning of their marriage vow for better for worse.

Jane Mena shared a video of when her husband proposed to her thanking him for cleaning all the tears in her eyes ad making their love and marriage seem new every day and that has made her know the meaning of for better for worse.

Jane Mena then went ahead to profess her love to her husband saying she loves him so much and that she also has the best in-laws on planet earth praying that he would be loved for who he is everywhere he goes just the way he loves her for who she is.

Shen then pleaded with the husband never to change for anyone but then Jane Mena seems to forget that the only thing constant on this earth is change and no one can vow never to change as you don’t know what the future holds for you.

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