A Twitter user identified as @MullahCo has taken to the microblogging platform to describe how he dealt with a girl who refused to sleep in the same bed as him on a week holiday.

According to this man, he paid for her travel and accommodation for a one-week holiday however when they got to the place, the lady refused to sleep on the same bed with him.

In series of tweets, he narrated how the girl treated him after making payments for flights and accomodation and how he also dealt with her.

Read his account below…

“Took someone’s daughter for 1 week vacation. Flight and hotel paid. The cow has refused to sleep in my bed. Allowed her to sleep in the kids bed.

She already called her friends telling them she will be back after a week. Moved up her return ticket to tomorrow 4PM. She leaves the hotel at 9AM for a 4PM flight.

Sent the new ticket to her WhatsApp. Delilah is now in my bed.  She’s trying everything to change my mind. Behind me Satan. You go home tomorrow!

I am not touching her. I’ll be damned if I touch her. I think I’ll take the kids bed.

Update: she left. She complained about me not consulting her before moving up her flight. As a gentleman, gave her some cash for Uber for when she lands. Jezebel still had the audacity to ask for more money. No thanks for the treat. Took back the Uber cash.

Didn’t touch her. Many cute looking female solo travellers here living on their bill. Got two Beyonce-like mzungus already during breakfast. I think leo katatamba. We are already talking about covering 20 countries together in the next few weeks.

Done with giving daughters of Jezebel a taste of the soft life. Shameless serpent called saying she’s walked around the airport and saw cute stuff and wants me to buy her.

Blocked the motherfucker! Nicknamed her Pest Delilah on Truecaller. Never pick a call from Pest Delilah.”