A lady dancing during a church service seemed to have dazzled worshippers particularly one who got her videoed.

A moment of praise and worship in a church has turned a lady into an internet sensation owing to her dancing.

The unidentified lady’s performance was caught on video by an obviously impressed fellow worshipper.

In the short video shared by AtinkaNews on Instagram, the lady rocking a 6 inches heels and tight outfit shook vibrantly as she vibed to the song in the background.

To support her position, the lady held on to a seat in front of her and danced with style not minding prying eyes around her.

In the small space before her, she maximized it showcasing her legwork skills despite being on the high heels.

This perhaps was what dazzled a lady at the far end who slowed down her dancing to watch the high-heeled lady’s performance.

Watch the video below :