We are saddened to report to you the death of an Abuja-based lady known as Bercy who died following a bite from a venomous snake.

Bercy’s friend announced the very unfortunate incident on Instagram whilst advising people to be very cautious about their homes and environment.

According to her, the deceased got bitten by the snake that was hiding in the WC after she sat on the toilet bowl at her home in Abuja.

“Rememberering everything we spoke about yesterday morning makes me find it so hard to believe you’re no more haaaa…. No o Bercy is this really true?
My heart bleeds
Please be very cautious of your home and environment… LCPL Bercy was bitten by a snake in her Water Cistern Toilet. (WC),” a friend of the deceased wrote.

See some reactions below;

chocojojo; `Shiiiiit… I always imagine this thing in my head while I’m sitting, sometimes I get to check again, go it happens … this is bad

ilsa3loka; `Omo after seeing this video I quickly stood up from mine as I dey kaka…God forbid. I go finish the shit tomorrow morning

macdenemmanuel; `I always use salt and any other Disinfectant cleaner for my toilets before using it, especially when I have been away for a while….. Because the fear of this particular thing wanna make me go crazy

mrsnkay; `So sad  and thats how a big rat came out of the toilet when I was sitting on the toilet I nearly passed out that day