A priestess from Nigeria has reminded all bachelors aiming to marry this December that she’s all for the taking plus additional ‘fringe benefits’ for the eligible candidate who’ll agree to marry her.

The only condition for the union is that the man must agree to marry her in her shine which includes a water body. Identified on Facebook as Amarachi, the young lady said she’ll take care of all the financial obligations of the marriage and thereafter.

Invariably, she intimated that she’s willing to pay the groom’s price and sponsor the wedding if only he agrees to get married to her in her domain.

Amarachi wrote;

If you are A guy Looking for a Wife to marry this December and u don’t have money,

Well worry no more because I got your back ..

I will pay ur groom price and everything all u have to do is To accept to Marry me in my Shrine..

Our wedding will hold in the Shrine and inside water…

Na me be that fine girl wey don sell her soul to the Devil…with pride

In other news, a bride has been spotted in a video looking utterly dejected after torrential rain brought her traditional wedding to an abrupt end.

The video sees the heavy rain literally falling cats and dogs and ruining the solemn event which was supposed to be one of the happiest days in the life of the woman and her husband.

But the video showed how gloomy and disappointed she was after the heavens opened up and poured down the heavy rains. The groom was however nowhere in sight when the video was recorded.