Celebrity barman Cubana Chief Priest has shared receipts to prove that her was is still married to Kelvin and only filled for divorce a month ago after being fed up with the whole issue with Kelvin and Maria.

Blogger Linda Ikeji shared some screenshots which proves that Maria had no idea Kelvin was married because he lied about it and another showing Kelvin in a chat with one of his brother-in-laws claiming he and his wife had been separated without the knowledge of the family.

Cubana Chief Priest debunking all that shared receipts of the divorce papers which was filed a month ago with some chats between him Kelvin confirming that he introduced Maria to him and entertainment executive Paul Okoye only for business reasons.

According to him, his sister gave up on the marriage after she found out that her husband Kelvin sponsored Maria to BBNaija just to make her famous and when she went to Dubai to see him because he wasn’t picking his calls, she was shocked to have seen Maria in his house wearing his shirt which means she spent the night or days there.

Cubana Chief Priest then added that now her sister has moved on and has moved out of the husband’s house hence all they are asking for is some respect from Kelvin and Maria for the threat to stop now that the divorce proceedings is in court.

Cubana Chief Priest is doing everything to prove that Maria is cheating with the husband of her sister Kelvin and even though he introduced them to Paul Okoye for business reason, it seems to have escalated to romantic affair between the two and now is causing the peace of his sister.

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