A couple, Olasunkanmi and his wife Fisayo Eso were discovered dead in their apartment on Friday, October 1.

There has been commencement of investigation into the death of the 55-year-old husband and his wife in Ilesha.

Even though the cause of death has not been determined, one Isaac Haastrup stated that carbon monoxide poisoning (generator fume) was assumed, but that an autopsy would be required to confirm the cause.

“I want to state that preliminary investigation shows that the power generating set placed close to the kitchen’s window with it’s exhaust pipe facing the window and that of the sitting room’s all of which were left open, was met running by the neighbors that fateful morning,” he wrote.

“While not preempting results of the police and medical investigations over the allegation of poisoning, one may not also rule out the possibility of carbon monoxide from the generator contributing to their deaths. We are working on the cause of the deaths and will keep you posted.”

In an interview with Punch on Sunday, October 3, police spokeswoman Yemisi Opalola confirmed the event and said the command was still waiting for the autopsy result.

However, Opalola, who urged for calm amid the situation, said gases from the generating set serving the deceased’s flat were firmly suspected as the cause of death.

She went on to say that a comprehensive inquiry would be carried out to solve the enigma behind the tragedy.

“Mr Eso Olasunkanmi 55-yrs and his wife, Fisayo, 50-yrs of Ireti Ayo along Ijebu-Jesa Rd., Ilesha, were found dead on the floor of their dining room,” she stated.

“The command is still waiting for the autopsy report from the hospital to ascertain the actual cause of their death, please. Fumes from a generating set supplying the apartment occupied by the deceased is strongly suspected. But the thorough investigation would be conducted to determine the cause of the death,” Opalola added.