Convener of EndSARS movement since 2017 pleads with the youths to dialogue with the Government

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The Convener of the EndSARS movement since 2017, an advocate, activist and Lawyer, Sega links has issued a statement, pleading with the youths to give the government a chance for Dialogue.

He first of all acknowledge the collective struggle to end police brutality in Nigeria and so Far it has produced laudable results.

He said that the display of discontent with a situation is not enough to solve the situation. While stressing that the struggle has gone beyond police impunity, he stressed that if people are intimidated or brutalized to achieve the goal, then we become the exact thing that we are fighting and it’s not worth it.

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He said, “You are already showing the world your understanding of leadership. You can’t afford to become that which you condemn and criticize. If you have to bully, demonize or denigrate anyone to sell your idea, then it is not worth it at all. You can still make this end well.”

He went further to say that it is essential to show Goodwill by meeting the government for a dialogue as some of the demands could take time.

Stressing the fact that maintaining the integrity of NIGERIA regardless of who is the president, he said, “Nigeria remains our country. We must protect her integrity regardless of who is President. There is a place for protest but NONE for weaponized Chaos. We must learn from history and take lessons from other countries stampeded into ruining their society with strange constructs.”

We the youths needs to pay attention to this.

Below is his full text.