Kanye West is not done with editing his latest album ‘DONDA’ as he has now removed Chris Brown’s sung portions from the album.

A month after it was initially released, DONDA no longer has contributions from Chris Brown and KayCyy in songs ‘New Again’ and ‘Keep My Spirit Alive’. Those portions have been replaced with Kanye West and his Sunday Service Choir.

Additionally, Kanye West also seems to have added bass on ‘Junya’ and changed the mixes of ‘God Breathed’, ‘Come to Life’ and ‘Jail pt 2’. Kanye West’s ‘Donda’ features piano solo by New York sixth grader Zen

Earlier this month, Chris Brown had a showdown with Kanye West after he called the DONDA creator a “whole hoe” after the rapper allegedly didn’t use Brown’s entire verse on ‘New Again’.

Chris Brown also shared the verse in a since-deleted Instagram post.

This is not the first time when Kanye has made changes to his songs or albums. In 2016, he had done the same to his seventh studio LP ‘The Life of Pablo’  where he added contributions and samples to tracks following the album’s release.