Bishop Oyedepo finally breaks his silence on the ENDSARS protest as he says the Youths have woken up

Oyedepo Replies Lauretta Onochie, “I Don't Care If Anybody Insults Me” –  Kemi Ashefon Love Haven

Most of the Clergymen especially those who have big churches and foundations have been silent on the ongoing End SARS protest, while just a few such as Sam Adeyemi, Pastor Adeboye, and others have shown support for the Youths.

Well, today, Bishop Oyedepo has broken his silence as he speaks on the current situation of the country and also on the ongoing protest, he said that the youths have finally woken up and they have the right to say enough is enough.

Below are some of the extracts from his speech.

“This nation has been consistently and vehemently backward.

I saw the danger ahead and you can tell that the most gruesome season if this nation’s history is the last 5 years where lives have no value, random Killings here and there, and today, they have faced the youths.

Since the youths do not know who would be killed next, they have the right to say enough is enough.

Any system that has no value for human lives is irrelevant, if they were killed when they were youths, would they be here today? And now it would be a sacrilege to shoot the protesters who are not looting or scavenging.

I have been one of the few voices telling these people that until you push a goat to the wall, you won’t know it has teeth to bite.

The youths have the right to say No, and now they are saying it, I 2iah they joined me in 2015 to when I was saying No, so I have my moral justification in keeping quiet.”

Watch the video below: