A man and his wife discovered to their horror that their kids were sexually involved with each other and instead of reproaching and remedying the situation, they have reportedly asked them to continue by blessing their ‘union.’

The father of the children who could not keep mute over the incident and consequently took to social media to share the unbelievable story said he discovered that his son and daughter have been having sex at their blind side for some time now.

According to him, he discussed the development with his wife some months ago, and after keeping quiet while enjoying seeing their children together, they decided to let them know that they are aware of their incestuous relationship.

Apparently, he’s very happy about the development and further added that the two lovebirds have been using birth control methods which is something came as a refreshing piece news to him and the nucear family.

See a screenshot of what he posted in an online platform;

Meanwhile, a Nigerian doctor who is very active on social media has revealed the disparity between Nigerian men and women when they move abroad.

According to Dr. Urchilla as his name goes, whenever a Nigerian man moves abroad he does everything possible to make his girlfriend join him but that cannot be said about a woman when the shoe is on the foot inversely.

He says when it’s the woman who had the opportunity to relocate, she forgets about her man and decides to start looking for a new man. His post as shared on Twitter read;

A Nigerian man moves abroad & starts to hustle to work out a way to move his girlfriend over too. A Nigerian woman moves abroad & starts to look for a new man.