A video making rounds online has evoked several reactions from netizens after it captured the moment some family members brutalized a lesbian lady.

In the video sighted by Ghgossip, the father of this lesbian lady and other family members were seen brutalizing her for engaging in lesbianism. At the beginning of the video, the lady was seen with her lesbian girlfriend having a good time. She could be seen kissing and lying in bed with her partner.

Just towards the end of the video, she could be seen been brutalized after her parents were hinted at about her sexuality. Her father was seen strangling her and questioning why she was “practicing lesbianism” in Igbo. Other members of her family were also spotted whipping her.

Watch video below;

See some reactions from netizens who chanced upon the video;

nickkylawve wrote; I don’t know why people no Longer respect their family, their background, they just go about posting rubbish on social media… I feel for the father.. U could tell from his voice that he is really heartbroken…..

enpreshcollections wrote: She forgot she got an African parents😂😂😂😂😂.

food_zeela wrote; This is totally unacceptable and uncalled for. What if she died?

nene_george wrote; They wanna beat out the spirit of lesbianism from her body😂😂. An African parents will use beating and reset your s*exual orientation 😩

amarh07 wrote; Sometimes we need to consider the families we come from. So parents in this part of the world will rather die that watch their children practice such.