When it comes to comfort, this is as close to driving on a cloud as you’ll get. An adaptive self-leveling air suspension makes thousands of adjustments as you roll down the road while an exclusive ZF eight-speed transmission is linked to a GPS using satellite data to determine the path ahead. It then uses that data to adjust shift patterns. If the satellite aided transmission learns it’s on a twisty road, it knows to hold the gear, rather than upshift as it might if it were going straight.

The interior is fully customizable, as seen in my test Cullinan which came with a purple, white and grey interior color combination, showcasing just how unique a Cullinan can get. It features the finest materials and technology the world has to offer. For instance, the entire back of the front seats are made from one piece of leather, the dashboard is hand stitched, and the whole vehicle is hand-assembled. Highly skilled craftspeople spend years learning the trade.

From a styling perspective, it’s very Rolls-Royce with coach doors that can close themselves from the inside, beautiful tactile stainless steel door handles, a hand-polished stainless steel front grille, large LED accent lights, and laser headlamps.

The front is very bold with a long hood, wide front, and 22″ wheels. It’s also the first time a Rolls-Royce has an opening tailgate closing in two sections. They even offer an option that my vehicle was equipped with, which offers tailgate seating to watch a polo match or just stargaze at night.

For those who demand only the best both on and off-road, the 2020 Rolls-Royce Cullinan is the best money can buy. As the founders of Rolls-Royce said, find the best in the world and make it better. That’s exactly what Rolls-Royce did with the Cullinan. It’s for the adventurer in us, it’s asking us to take it off-road and explore new paths.