Before now Ankara was regarded as ancient wears or should I say it was considered as clothes for mothers or probably Christian sisters and brothers. But today, the case is different, you can rock your Ankara to anywhere, be it church, party, bridal shower, to the wedding, just to mention but a few. Ankara is now known for it beautiful designs and styles. You can rock your Ankara with very beautiful designs and look stunning. Here are 30 Top Trendy Styles Made With Ankara for sophisticated ladies.

A little while back the designs made from the Ankara fabric were a bit bland and unexciting, at least they seem bland now. Many people restricted what could be done with the fabric but thanks to some top designers who saw the potential and versatility of the fabric, the new age Ankara styles were born.

Considering the fact that the Ankara is here to stay its only right that we look through pages for the best styles, we already know that the response would be great because everyone is showing the fabric more love than ever before. But alas, there are so many new styles that it almost seems difficult to pick the best. There’s no denying that the version making rounds right now is the mix and match and embellished Ankara styles which proves the multifaceted function of the material.

There are different renditions of the latest Ankara styles and you would be surprised how much different they are from the last. Scrolling through different feeds we’ve discovered new patterns and designs. We were initially convinced that we wouldn’t be seeing new collections but we were wrong as there have been more enticing styles popping up over the last couple of days; different designers bringing out different collections that are attractive and practical you just want to have them.

Without much ado, here are the Ankara styles that every trend-driven fashion girl should have in their closet right now

Top Trendy Styles Made With Ankara

Top Trendy Styles Made With Ankara

Here are some beautiful ways on how you can rock your Ankara and look gorgeous

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